Providing a patient centred pharmacy service that improves patients’ medication safety. 

About the Pharmacy Team

The Pharmacy consists of two pharmacists and one technician, who are dedicated to providing a safe, efficient and cost-effective medication service to inpatients only. 

General Medication Information for your Hospital stay.

We request that you bring all of the medications you take at home into hospital with you. (This includes Tablets & Capsules, Inhalers, Creams/Ointments, Sprays, Patches, and Injections, Eye drops, alternative medicines, supplements and over-the-counter remedies etc.) See Medication List Form below if you wish to record your medication prior to admission to hospital.

On admission to the ward, your nurse will lock your medications safely into your “Patients Own Drug” locker at the bedside. Your nurse will supply your own medication to you during the course of your hospital stay, (if they are in their original blister packs so that drug name and expiry date can be checked).

We ask you to bring your medication to hospital with you to:

  • ensure brand continuity
  • ensure immediate availability of your regular prescribed medication
  • ensure all medications taken whilst in hospital are accurately recorded in the individual patients’ record.

Your medication will be returned to you at discharge to bring to your local pharmacy to check against your hospital discharge prescription.

Depending on the procedure you are coming into hospital for, you may be prescribed medication during your stay. Please see information leaflet below “Information about your hospital medication” for information on some of the most frequently prescribed medications. If you have any questions about your medication during your hospital stay, please ask your nurse, doctor or pharmacist and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

If you have been advised to start taking ANTIBIOTICS at home prior to admission, please follow the instructions as directed, as failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation of the procedure. Always finish the full course of prescribed antibiotic even if your symptoms go away. See useful information leaflets on taking antibiotics below.

If you have been advised to temporarily STOP A MEDICATION at home prior to admission, (e.g. BLOOD THINNERS) please follow the instructions as directed, as failure to do so may result in a delay or cancellation of the procedure.

You should continue to take your medications exactly as directed and never stop taking essential medicine without contacting your doctor. If at any stage you have a SIDE-EFFECT as a result of a drug you are taking, even if you have been taking it for a long time, please inform your doctor, nurse or pharmacist immediately.

Patient Information Leaflets are provided with most medicines and if required, further copies can be downloaded from

Pharmacy service for Inpatients

We provide a clinical pharmacy service to inpatients, which involves reviewing your medication on admission and during your hospital stay, in consultation with doctors and nursing staff. This review consists of

  • Checking that your regular medications are prescribed on admission
  • Review of your regular medication in conjunction with medication prescribed during your inpatient stay.
  • Review of all your medications to ensure they are appropriate for you.

The Clinical Pharmacist can visit your room to provide you with information about any of your medication – please request this service via your nurse during your hospital stay.

We as pharmacists are passionate about your medication safety. For further information about medication safety during any hospital admission, please see “Medication Safety Booklet” below for further information.



Chief Pharmacist: Emer Davenport MPSI

Contact No: 061 608037 Email:

OPENING HOURS (for inpatient/medicines information services only)

08:30-17:00 (Monday to Friday)


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