Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal Surgery is the surgical treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Our dedicated Endoscopy Suite is located on the second floor of the hospital. We perform procedures under local anaesthetic or sedation. Patients arriving at our facility always receive personal, friendly and efficient service. We strive to minimize the time and inevitable anxiety associated with endoscopy investigations, while making sure that we maintain our high standards of individual attention, thoroughness, and quality.

Our skilled and dedicated nursing staff and support staff provide outstanding care for the patient and technical support to the Consultant ensuring the highest standards of care and safety. After procedures are completed, patients are returned to the recovery area where light refreshments are offered and test results are explained by the Consultant.

We are fully equipped to perform both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as: Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Flexible cystoscopy.

Access to Service: Please note that a referral letter from a GP / Consultant will be required for each patient attending the consultant. Please send an e-referral by healthlink or post the referral letter to the relevant department.

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Eoghan Condon
Consultant General Surgeon
Gastroenterology, Biliary, Colorectal Surgery, Endoscopy, General Surgery Endoscopy
Bon Secours Hospital Limerick
Phone: 061-608060 Fax: 061-312939

Mr Eoghan Condon

Consultant General Surgeon


Mr Eoghan Condon MB Bch BAOI MMedsci MD FRCSI

Consultant General/Colo-Rectal Surgeon/ Minimally Invasive

Mr Eoghan Condon is a Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon. MBCHB, MD, F.R.C.S.I Advanced Colorectal Fellow Cleveland Clinic, Member of the American College of Colorectal Surgery.

He specialises in minimally invasive keyhole surgery. He has the largest series of keyhole bowel surgery, gallbladder surgery and hernia surgery in Ireland. He is a National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) bowel surgeon at University Hospital Limerick, St Johns Hospital and Ennis General. He has ten years as a Consultant Surgeon with the HSE and seven years at Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barringtons, prior to that he was a Colorectal Surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio USA.

He is a senior lecturer in surgery at University of Limerick and a member of the American College of Colorectal Surgeons aswell as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He holds a Medical Doctorate in Surgery from University College Cork and graduated with an Honours Degree in Surgery from University College Galway in 1998 and is certified to perform robotic surgery in University Hospital Limerick.



He has published over sixty international publications in surgical journals and two book chapters aswell as delivered fifty four international presentations. He continues to be involved in research in to Colorectal Cancer at University Hospital Limerick.


Additional Information

Mr Condon provides keyhole surgery at Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barringtons, St Johns Hospital and University Hospital Limerick, he has a weekly private clinic, endoscopy (Colonoscopy/Gastroscopy) and surgical list at Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barringtons. On his lists at Bon Secours Hospital Limerick he performs laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for gallbladders and hernias aswell as haemorrhoid and colorectal surgeries.

Contact Details

  • Mr Eoghan Condon
  • Consulting Suites, Bon Secours Hospital Limerick at Barringtons, Georges Quay, Limerick¬†


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