IV (Intravenous infusion unit) Galway

The day IV infusion service at Bon Secours Hospital Galway treat various medical specialities including Neurology/Rheumatology/Gastroenterology patients.

Predominantly we treat Multiple Sclerosis/ Neurology patients in our hospital in Galway with intravenous therapies under the care of Dr. Hennessy (Consultant Neurologist) and Dr. Habib (Consultant Neurologist).

We also operate a Neurology service telephone helpline 5 days a week. Patients and family members with Multiple Sclerosis and other long term neurological conditions can telephone for advice on disease and symptom management, drug treatments and relapse management.

Services Offered:

  • IV Gastroenterology Treatments (Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis/Infliximab/Entyvio (Vedolizumab)/Iron infusion)
  • (Infliximab/Iron infusions)
  • IV Immunoglobulins/Antibiotics
  • IV Multiple Sclerosis/Neurology Treatments (Tysabri/IVIg/Methylprednislone,Lemtrada,Rituximab,IV Steroids)
  • IV Osteoporosis Treatments
  • IV Rheumatology (Infliximab/Roactemra/Orencia)
  • IV Antibiotics to patients who require extended courses of anitibiotics who come in as a day patient, under the care of physicians

IV Intravenous Team:

Cliona Egan- Clinical Nurse Specialist Multiple Sclerosis
Assumpta Shannon, Fiona Breheny and Bernadette Ross - Staff Nurses

Opening Hours:

Mon – Tues 8.00am - 16.30pm

Wednesday 8.00am - 20.30pm

Friday 8.00am - 16.30pm

Useful Resources:

www.mstrust.org.uk A list of useful resources, further reading, relevant images, videos, documents, etc.

Arranging Appointments:

A referral letter is required to be sent from your GP by fax or post to the relevant consultant. 

Contact Information:

Tel: 091 381915
Bleep: 21
Email: ivtreatment@bonsecours.ie

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