Medical Assessment Unit

The MAU allows rapid access to our services provided by Consultants.


The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the Bon Secours Health System Cork is a modern purpose built facility. The MAU provides high quality emergency care in Cork and is open to patients 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. & 6 p.m (Except Bank Holidays)


High Quality Emergency Care in Cork

Your GP or consultant can refer you to our MAU for a same day appointment with our Emergency Medicine trained consultants.

The MAU allows rapid access to our services provided by Consultants in Emergency Medicine supported by a team of nursing, medical and allied health specialties.

The MAU helps patients with acute or even subacute medical conditions in adults of all age. Specifically we welcome senior medical patients.

The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) at the Bon Secours Health System, Cork operates Monday to Friday, between 8 a.m. & 6 appointment at a time that suits you and your GP. We accept GP referral Chest Pain Patients during these hours.   

Patients are seen at their given appointment time (there is no waiting room). Our team will organise any required tests during your visit to the MAU. If admission to the hospital for emergency care is necessary this care will be commenced by our consultants.

If you are sent home, arrangements for any follow up tests or appointments will be made for you by our consultants.


Exclusion Criteria

- Patient with seasonal bronchiolitis (for those under 6 months of age) - please click link Admission Exclusion Criteria; contentFiles/Admissions_Exclusion_Criteria_for_Patients_Referred_to_MAU_PAU_July_2021.pdf
- Surgical Patients
- Trauma (long bone fractures, minor lacerations/wounds)
- Ambulance referrals
- Eye emergencies
- Certain ENT emergencies e.g. epistaxis, airway foreign bodies
- Child protection/mental health presentations


Attendance to the MAU is by GP referral only. 


Please click here to view prcoedure for admissions/acute admissions

Click here for MAU Patient Information.


Medicall Ambulance Service

GP's can request a private ambulance once Bed Management have accepted the patient to the Hospital

To arrange an ambulance, please call 1890 666 999.  This service is available from Monday to Friday 07.00 to 20.00, Saturday & Sunday 09.00 - 17.00

GP Referral Emergency Care in Cork

Attendance by GP referral only

The aim of the unit is to promote prompt and timely access for patients to expert consultant opinion, assessment, and if needs be, admission to consultant specialist emergency care.

The consultant provided service at the MAU is led by Prof. Ronan O’ Sullivan, Consultant in Emergency Medicine. The emergency care service provided by the unit allows for treatment to begin immediately on arrival. There are no trolley waits. An early same-day assessment will be provided supported by a full range of diagnostic testing. If admission to the hospital and specialist consultant care is required, this will be arranged for you immediately.

The MAU unit is located close to the main hospital reception and has dedicated parking. It includes high quality accommodation, assessment treatment rooms and associated equipment.


Consultation Fee/Costs

The initial consultation fee is €165 - applies whether admitted or not

Diagnostic fees capped at €385 - only applies if not admitted.

Total Fees payable by patients capped at €550.   

Any fees covered by insurers will be invoiced directly to them and are additional to fees paid by patients


Please check your insurance policy for your cover.  If you have excess to your policy, this will have to be paid on admission to the unit.  Should you be discharged this will go to your final bill.  Payments can be made electronically - please click on the following link - payonline



There is a complimentary parking pass available for the patient while attending the MAU  


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Ronan O Sullivan
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
Paediatric Assessment Unit (PAU), Medical Assessment Unit Emergency Medicine
Bon Secours Hospital Cork

Prof. Ronan O Sullivan

Consultant in Emergency Medicine


Prof O’Sullivan graduated from UCC in 1994 and completed specialist training on the Irish National Emergency Medicine training program in 2004. He thereafter completed fellowship training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne, Australia from 2004-6 and was appointed to a Consultant position at RCH in 2006. In 2007, he returned to Ireland to the position of Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. From 2008-13, he was Professor and Chair of Paediatrics at University College Dublin, and also National Director of Training in Emergency Medicine. He was made a Fellow of the Faculty of Paediatrics of RCPI in 2010. Prof O’Sullivan returned to Cork in 2013 to take up a position as Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Cork University and Mercy University Hospitals. He is a Principal Investigator with the National Children’s Research Centre and has developed the country’s first research unit in Emergency Medicine. He is also a member of the executive management team in the School of Medicine at UCC.

Prof O’Sullivan joined BSHC in 2014 to develop our acute services and pathways, commencing with the opening of our the Medical Assessment Unit for adult medical patients.  

Contact Details

  • Prof. Ronan O Sullivan
  • Medical Assessment Unit, Bon Secours Hospital, Cork

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