Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Otolaryngology is the field of medicine that deals with problems related to the ear, nose and throat.

Our ENT service is available to both adults and children. We provide assessment and treatment for a range of complaints like:

☛ hearing loss,

☛ nasal deformity,

☛ tonsillitis,

☛ thyroid disorders,

☛ hoarseness,

☛ swallowing disorders,

☛ tinnitus (ringing in the ears),

☛ allergic rhinitis, for example, hayfever, and

☛ adenoid problems (tissue that obstructs breathing).

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Michael Harney
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) ENT Surgery
Bon Secours Hospital Cork
Phone: 021 4865773 Fax: 021 4865773

Mr. Michael Harney

Consultant ENT Surgeon


Mr Harney is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (1994) and completed his ENT specialist registrar training in Ireland (2006). He undertook a rhinoplasty fellowship (2007) in Amsterdam in the Netherlands under Gilbert Nolste Trenite and subsequently completed 2 further years of fellowship training (2007-2009) in Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne Australia. Having returned to Ireland in 2009, he has worked in the Bon Secours Hospital Cork for the last 10 years and in the Bon Secours Hospital Dublin for the last 2 years for inter-specialty referrals, though is now taking GP referrals.

The Dublin Clinic is ideally suited for those patients that have combined functional (nasal blockage) and cosmetic problems with their nose, problems not fully covered therefore by many plastic surgeons or ENT surgeons in isolation.

Areas of Interest

Septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery


Referrals and Enquiries email:


Contact Details

  • Mr. Michael Harney
  • Suite 2, Clinic A, The Cork Clinic, Western Road, Cork
Charles Shinkwin
Consultant ENT Surgeon
General Medicine, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Endoscopy ENT Surgery
Bon Secours Hospital Cork
Phone: 021 4348240 Fax: 021 4865776

Mr. Charles Shinkwin

Consultant ENT Surgeon


Referrals and Enquiries email:


Contact Details

  • Mr. Charles Shinkwin

To access these services, you will need a letter of referral from your GP.

To make an apppointment, please contact 

021 - 4865773 for Mr Michael Harney

021 - 4319191 for Mr Gerard O'Leary

021 - 4348240 for Mr Charles Shinkwin

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