Paediatric Unit

Providing expert care for patients aged up to 16 years in a caring and compassionate environment.

The Paediatric Department at Bon Secours Hospital Tralee is a Consultant led service.  The Paediatric Unit is open 24 hours a day, all year round; including all public holidays. The Paediatric Unit has 17 inpatient beds and also accomodates daycase admissions.  The unit  cares for children up to the age of 16 years with both medical and surgical treatement provided by the relevant teams. Approximately 1400 children were admitted and cared for in the Bon Secours Hospital in 2016. 


What to tell your child

Children need to understand what is going to happen when they come to hospital. Be clear and honest, using simple words your child will understand. When answering their questions, be as honest as you can.


Some tips you may find helpful when explaining to your child about coming into hospital:

  • Choose a time when it is quiet and you won’t be interrupted
  • Use storybooks, leaflets or pictures to help you explain. Helpful books which you should be able to find in your local library include ‘When I went to hospital’ by Juliet Bawden and ‘Going into hospital’ by Anne Civardi
  • Play doctors and nurses at home with them – you can buy hospital play sets to help with this
  • Arrange to visit the ward or department once you know which one your child is going to
  • If your child is going to have an operation, explain that they will have a special sleep (anaesthetic) and might feel a little sore afterwards, but the nurses will give them some medicine to help them feel better. Reassure your child that you will be able to stay with them
  • Involve your child in planning to come into hospital by deciding what special toy to bring with them, choosing which pyjamas to take or buying something new, for example a toothbrush.



  • Referral Via GP
  • Referrals after hours are accepted from South Doc/ Shannon Doc
  • Dr Philips offers same day appointments. 


Health Insurance

It is important to note that parents can insure their children without being insured themselves.

For more information regarding coverage with the individual insurance companies, please see contact details below. 

VHI Healthcare 1890 44 44 44

Laya Healthcare 1890 70 08 90

Irish Life Health 1890 714 444

Glo Health 1890 71 27 12

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