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Pat -"I knew I was in trouble but I just kept telling myself to keep breathing"

Posted on: 08 Feb 2019

Pat -

Pat is a retired farmer from Kilflynn who is  married with a large extended family.  Pat had been feeling unwell and went to see his GP.  “When my doctor examined me he referred me immediately to the  Medical Assessment Unit in the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee.  When I arrived, I was seen by Dr Kamal who assessed me and immediately arranged for me to have a scan”.  Pat was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and his family some of whom were living in Australia, came home to be with him.  Pat was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, he was in septic shock and seriously ill.  “I knew I was in trouble but I kept telling myself to keep breathing. Every time I woke Dr Kamal appeared to be at the end of my bed.  I remember him giving me the thumbs up and saying, I think we are winning”.

From time to time, patients may require medical assessment to establish whether  admission is required or whether they can be treated and go home. The Medical Assessment Unit in the Bon Secours Hospital Tralee was established in early 2017 with the aim of providing this service.   “We  provide a consultant led medical service for patients who do not want to wait in long queues in the Accident & Emergency Department. Patients (over 16yrs) are seen without delay and all diagnostic tests will be completed during their visit to the MAU.  After their assessment a decision will then be made whether as to whether a patient will be admitted or discharged” Dr Kamal Abdalla.   

He is now on the road to recovery and is improving every day. Pat celebrated his good health in Kilflynn over the Christmas season surrounded by his family and  fourteen grandchildren.


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