Posted on: 28 Jan 2020

Bon Secours Hospital Cork GP Study Day 2020

Bon Secours Hospital Cork GP Study Day 2020


Bon Secours Hospital Cork has hosted their annual GP STUDY DAY in Clayton Silver Springs Meeting & Events Centre, Cork, 25th January 2020.


For many years the Bon Secours Hospital Cork has made significant investment in GP education by hosting the largest full day GP Study event in Ireland with an annual attendance of over 350 GPs and Consultants.


The annual GP Study Day is something attendees look forward to and the content delivered is guided by GP feedback with each session led and chaired by a GP.


This year the format has changed as requested by the GP representatives on the steering committee and will involve approximately 28 of the hospital’s consultants.  Each GP chose to attend 4 of 12 workshops with each session covering different topics.


The day provides an opportunity for Bon Secours’ Consultants to provide updates to the GP community on the latest approaches and treatment options for patients across a wide range of specialties.


Hospital Manager Harry Canning said “We were delighted to have over 300 GP’s in attendance here today, who have travelled from all over the country. This GP Conference allows us to showcase the new €77M euro expansion and its facilities to GP’s which include a state-of-the-art radiotherapy centre with technology not available anywhere else in Munster. The conference also further connects GP’s with Consultants to ensure they are aware of the various services that are available to their patients and the rapid access pathways through which they can be treated.”

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