EY CEO Podcast series with Bill Maher

By: Group | Posted on: 20 Sep 2022

EY CEO Podcast series with Bill Maher

In the latest episode in the EY CEO Podcast series Bill shares elements of both his personal and professional journey from Carlow to the UK and back again. The popular podcast series tackles all aspects of the Irish commerical and political life through the experiences of Irish CEOs and Bill joins a distinguished list of podcast alumni including, amongst many others, Paul Reid of the HSE, Francesca McDonagh CEO of Bank of Ireland and Noel Keely CEO of the Musgrave group.

Any healthcare related discussion in Ireland inevitably touches on the question of waiting lists and Bill shares vision for how Ireland - in a similar manner to how the Irish healthcare system launched a war on and defeated COVID 19 - could collabarate to defeat waiting lists by starting 'a war on waiting lists'.

Bill shares his vision for the Bons Secours and discusses successes such as the completion of the new Cork unit and the upcoming construction of the new hospital in Limerick and the importance of creating a sense of belonging for employees.

On a personal level he shares his mantra that 'every day is a school day' and attributes his ability to gain two undergraduate and two postgraduate degrees whilst working full-time to his lack of golfing ability!

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