` Maeve Durkan

Dr. Maeve Durkan

Consultant Endocrinologist




Diabetes Unit,Endocrinology




Dr Durkan is an RCSI graduate ,with post graduate and sub specialty Diabetes & Endocrinology training in the UK . Thereafter she completed  a second residency in Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine, USA and subsequently a fellowship in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism at Brown University School of Medicine, USA.

She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine,  a Diplomat of the American Board of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. She was awarded a Masters in Clinical Education NUI Galway in 2012.

 She is a consultant Endocrinologist , in the BSH Cork and a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medicine in UCC School of Medicine,' . She also lectures for the UCC School of Pharmacy , 

 She is  actively involved  in clinical research , presenting  ( pre-COVID ) annually at both the American Diabetes & American Endocrine International scientific meetings. She has recently presented  two research papers  at the IFSO ( International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity & Metabolic Disorders)  annual scientific meeting in Miami, USA 2022, and this work specifically highlights her commitment to the BSH Bariatric Program. 

Her particular interests  also include  Type 2 DM & Insulin resistance  ,  Lipid disorders ( including FH ), Reproductive endocrinology ( including sub-fertility, infertility & PCOS ) , Bone and Calcium metabolism ( including  Hyperparathyroidism  & osteoporosis ) , Thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and thyroid dysfunction. 

 She is an Internal Examiner for the MD Thesis Program at NUI Galway, and a peer reviewer for the Irish Journal of Medical Science.'

 She lectures nationally and internationally and more recently is involved in the ESE post graduate teaching series. 

She has recently been elected Chair of the UEMS  (European Union Committee for Medical Specialties), Medical Sub-specialties Group 1.

She has been re-elected to her second term as President of UEMS  Board  of Endocrinology. 

She was also re-elected to her second term as Vice Chair of UEMS CESMA (Council for European Specialists Medical assessments), having been appointed to the CESMA European examination appraisals subcommittee in 2016.

She was appointed to the UEMS Examination committee to progress the European Board Exam in Endocrinology  in partnership with the ESE (European Society for Endocrinology)  and the RCP UK Federation with the  first specialty  exam  ( EBEEDM) delivered in June 2018.  The UEMS and the ESE ( European Society of Endocrinology )  have now agreed  a joint UEMS -ESE program to deliver the next European Board Exam in Endocrinology in 2023. 

She is co-author of the  UEMS ETR (European Training Requirement) in Diabetes & Endocrinology that was ratified at the UEMS Council meeting in 2017, and is currently working with partners to update and amend the curriculum for 2023.

She is  the former Chair of the Diabetes division of the Irish Endocrine Society   She was  Co – Chair of the National Committee R3i (Residual Risk Reduction) Ireland and is now part of a  working national lipid network group  currently establish a National Lipid Screening Program .


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