` Vikram Vijh

Mr. Vikram Vijh

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon




Plastic Surgery Department,Hand Surgery


Hand Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic Surgery


Work History

Vik Vijh, plastic surgeon in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Mr Vijh is Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Lead at the NHS Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham covering the City of Birmingham and the West Midlands region including Herefordshire. Vik Vijh is often considered as one of the best plastic surgeons in the World. Mr Vijh received his training in London and passed the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) examination in 1988. After a formal training programme in general surgery, he achieved the distinction of becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of both England and Edinburgh in 1992.

Mr Vijh is the Managing Director of The Beauty Gurus www.thebeautygurus.com and Editor in Chief of www.thebodybible.org. His previous private surgery positions include being Managing Director of Cosmetic Surgery for a group of 42 UK private hospitals as well as Managing Director of the West Midlands Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship. In his private practice, Mr Vijh serves his “local” communities of Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester and Malvern as well as welcoming patients from all over the UK including London.

Additional Credits

He frequently features on national and regional TV news and is a regular on a host of radio shows as his expertise and opinion is much sought after by the media and of course, patients alike. “10 Years Younger”; “Extreme Makeover”; “You Are What You Eat”; “How Long Have You Got”; “Pineapple Studios” and “Extreme Male Beauty” are some of the TV programmes he has featured in and he is presently filming a new TV show set to air in Autumn 2012. He is also asked to write for many journals and magazines and has also feature written for a national newspaper.

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