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Professor Coffey is the Professor of Surgery for the University Hospital Limerick Group of hospitals and the Graduate Entry Medical School in University of Limerick. He has been awarded several international awards for surgical excellence and innovation in treating colorectal cancer as well as in... read more

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Publication Record ( 2011 to present)


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Professor Coffey teaches at all levels from medical students to established consultants. He has delivered invited lectures at several surgical master classes and has developed a training system for established surgeons.

Educational Interests include developing novel modalities for surgical postgraduate education. Adaptation of on-line facilities and archives to suit education in surgical technique. Generation of novel mechanisms for high definition, high resolution recording of surgical operations. Development of new techniques for skill assessment and improvement in surgery. Integration of undergraduate medical students in postgraduate surgical research programs.


After initially training in Cork University Hospital, where he received a PhD for work on cancer growth, he then trained in The Mater Misericordiae Hospital, St.Vincent’s University Hospital and finally completed a fellowship in colorectal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. He has delivered invited lectures in The Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic and The European Institute of Oncology.

Academic Qualifications

B.Sc (Anatomy) Hons University College Cork, 1995

MB., B.Ch., BAO., B.MedSci., UniversityCollege Cork, 1998

AFRCSI, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 2001

PhD, UniversityCollege Cork, 2004

FRCS (Gen.Surg), Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 2009

CS , fellowship in colorectal surgery, The Cleveland Clinic



Research/Fellowship Awards

He is the recipient of the international James IV Travelling Fellowship Award which is arguably one of the most prestigious international surgical awards. This was for his work in colorectal cancer surgery and his scientific research in the field. In 2012 he was recipient of the Cleveland Clinic Distinguished Alumnus award for which he delivered an invited lecture. He is also the recipient of over 45 national and international awards, has over 180 publications and has delivered several named national and international lectures (Millin lecture, 2012, Sir Thomas Myles Lecture 2011, inaugural Young Invertigator Lecture at the Surgical Infection Society of Europe).

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