New oncology and surgical day ward at the Bon Secours Hospital Dublin will create 80 new jobs

Posted on: 14 Jun 2022

New oncology and surgical day ward at the Bon Secours Hospital Dublin will create 80 new jobs
Mr Geoff Meagher Chairperson Bon Secours Health System, Minister for finance Mr Paschal Donohoe and Mr Bill Maher, CEO Bon Secours Health System as the foundation stone is laid for the new Oncology and Surgical Day Ward at the Bon Secours Hospital Dublin, Glasnevin.

The Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, has welcomed a new €14 million Bon Secours Hospital Dublin surgical and oncology day ward that will create 80 new jobs.

Part of a wider €300 million national investment by Bon Secours Health System in line with its new 2025 Strategic Plan, the Dublin hospital will open the new ward in June next year, creating 80 new positions for surgeons, consultants, and nurses to support the expansion.

Laying the foundation stone for the development in Glasnevin, Minister Pascal Donohoe said: “This is another welcome and timely development by Bon Secours here in Glasnevin.  In addition to creating 80 new high-skilled jobs, it further expands the quality of health services on offer to patients living in the region.  After the last few extremely difficult years in healthcare, the renewal and revitalisation of our services across both the public and private sectors is hugely important.  This new facility will improve day-care surgical and oncology treatments available, and widen patient-centred services to a growing local population.  Bon Secours Health System’s sustained investment in world-class care and best-in-class facilities is a testament to its continued commitment to technologically-advanced healthcare innovation and excellence, and I am honoured to lay the foundation stone for this new expansion.”

Bon Secours Health System Group Chief Executive, Bill Maher, added: “This new €14 million expansion follows a series of strategic investments to expand, deepen, and enhance the range of services we offer our patients here in Glasnevin.  It will complement our €1.5 million Medical Assessment Unit opened in 2019, and is part of our wider, ambitious €300 million national investment in hospital capacity.  A key strategic goal is to grow our services in a sustainable manner to meet the evolving needs of our patients and communities, and I am very pleased that Minister Paschal Donohoe could join us on another landmark day for this hospital.  The Bon Secours Health System continues to be unrivalled in the quality of our medical service provision, combining the latest medical technologies and approaches with compassion and personalised medical care.  The next phase of our development will build on this further, but also draw on the valuable insights from the successful fight against Covid-19 as part of fostering greater partnership with the public system to increase national capacity, improve services and jointly tackle waiting lists.” 

Geoff Meagher, Chairperson at Bon Secours Hospital, said: “We are continually striving to make improvements to what is already a state-of-the-art hospital, and this development will equip us to offer patients in the region an even wider range of best-practice, technologically advanced surgical and oncology services. Part of our 2025 strategic plan, it further enhances our capacity to deliver advanced medicine and exceptional care in a world-class, modern environment. In addition to the technologically advanced treatment and services we offer, our greatest asset is our people, and so we are extremely pleased to be able to create 80 new jobs with this expansion, allowing us to give even more patients the highest quality of care and treatment possible.”

In March of this year Bon Secours Health System announced a €300 million national investment in its services as part of a new strategy, “Resilience, Reliability and Readiness – The 2025 Plan”, which includes new capital projects, state-of-the-art equipment, IT infrastructure, and the creation of 450 new jobs across the country.  Bon Secours opened new €10 million operating theatres in Cork in January, with the hospital group also in the process of developing a new 150-bed medical facility in Limerick City which will greatly expand services currently offered to patients in the mid-west.  Bon Secours Tralee also plans to open a new €10 million Medical Assessment Unit and surgical day ward in 2024.

Bon Secours Hospital Dublin is the one of the largest private hospitals in Ireland. The hospital has more than 180 beds, employs more than 600 staff, partners with 180 of the top medical consultants in Ireland, and admits over 80,000 patients every year. It is a general hospital providing an extensive range of treatments, tests, examinations, surgical procedures and medical services on an inpatient, day-case and outpatient basis.  The hospital is renowned for the quality of its medical service provision and combines the latest medical technologies and approaches based on its traditional values of compassion and personalised medical care. 

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