“Go bringing a special tenderness, patience and compassion.”  J.Potel


The Pastoral Care Team welcomes you to Bon Secours Hospital Dublin. We hope we can be of assistance to you and your family during your hospital stay. 

Healthcare Chaplains are professionals who are skilled in offering spiritual, emotional and cultural support to patients and their family. We work as part of the overall patient care team along with doctors, nurses and others. As accredited professionals, chaplains are bound by a Code of Ethics and also by Standards of Professional Conduct.

Sickness can bring disruption, uncertainty and even anxiety into our lives. Chaplains can help you cope with these and other emotions as they arise by offering time and space that is private and non-judgmental where you can talk freely. Sometimes patients have particular spiritual or religious needs that arise while in hospital - chaplains can also address those needs.

The Pastoral Care Ministry is available to you whether or not you have a particular belief or religious affiliation. Please feel welcome to speak to us when you see us on the wards.  We can be contacted through Hospital Reception (ext 5101) or by asking a Nurse to call us.

The Chapel on the ground floor is open 24 hours a day.  Everyone is welcome.  All services are transmitted from the Chapel to Patients' Rooms on TV Channel 13.  Details of services are posted on the notice board outside the Chapel.


Pastoral Care Team

  • Fr Owen O'Sullivan OFM Cap
  • Ms Ann Martin
  • Ms Julie Long
  • Ms Nuala McLoughlin
  • Mr Alan Burke (Director of Pastoral Care)


Church of Ireland, Methodist and Presbyterian Ministers also visit the Hospital.  They may be contacted as follows:-

  • Church of Ireland: 087 2753348
  • Methodist: 01 8329185
  • Presbyterian: 01 830 2738 / 086 342 2160

Other spiritual leaders can be contacted to visit, on request.


The Pastoral Care Department has partnered with the Pontifical University, Maynooth and the Irish Healthcare Chaplaincy Board to facilitate the clinical placement of interns who are undertaking the H. Dip and Master’s programmes in healthcare chaplaincy.

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