Tilt Table Testing Service

A tilt table test is performed when patients are experiencing syncope (passing out/fainting,) dizziness or unexplained loss of consciousness.

For the test you will be required to lie down, face up on the tilt table bed. ECG electrodes and blood pressure monitoring equipment will be attached by one of our team of cardiac physiologists. The bed is then gently tilted in a heads up position and monitored closely. Any changes in blood pressure and heart rate are monitored which may be the cause of the fainting / dizziness episodes. The bed is returned to the horizontal position and monitored closely until your heart rate and blood pressure return to their initial values.


Test duration: 90 minutes
Test preparation: Please refrain from using moisturiser or cream on your skin on the day of the test and continue to take all medications as normal unless otherwise directed by your doctor.
Before attend for the test, you are advised to have a light breakfast or light lunch. Please avoid caffeine on the day of the test.
Cost: €366
Insurance cover: All insurance companies excl. GMA / POMAS
Referral: By GP or Consultant
Results: Normally within 48 hours. Results are returned directly to referring doctor / consultant.


Available at the following locations:

  • Cork
  • Dublin

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