Event Monitor Service

An event monitor is a non-invasive method of recording your heart-rhythm over longer periods of 1-4 weeks.  This test is used to screen for abnormal heart rhythms and may be ordered by your doctor if you have experienced palpitations, dizziness or episodes of fainting or weakness, which may occur occasionally & may not be experienced on a daily basis.

The test involves carrying a small, hand-held monitor with you, about the size of a mobile phone.  If you experience symptoms, a recording of your heartbeat is made by placing the monitor on your chest and pressing a record button. 

When the monitor is returned, the results are analysed by our team of physiologists.  Your doctor can learn if you are having irregular heartbeats, what kind they are, how long they last, what may cause them and if they require treatment.


Test duration: 1 – 4 weeks plus 15 minutes set-up in department
Test preparation: Please refrain from using moisturiser or cream on your skin and continue to take all medications as normal unless otherwise directed by your doctor  
Cost: €40 
Referral: By GP or Consultant 

Normally within 48 hours. Results are returned directly to referring doctor / consultant.



Available at the following locations:

  • Cork

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