24 hour Holter Monitoring Service

A Holter monitor provides a continual recording of the hearts electrocardiogram (rate and rhythm) over a minimum 24 hr period. The test may be requested to check the heart’s activity for various symptoms such as irregular or fast heart rates, dizziness, fainting spells or chest pain and also to verify the effectiveness of medication.

A holter monitor with S-T analysis allows the physician to look in detail at the S-T segment deviant and operates in parallel with arrhythmia analysis. The S-T segment of the ECG provides information on ischemic status.

The test is a completely painless and involves wearing a small monitor about the size of a match box attached to the chest with 5 small wires connected to electrodes. The patient carries on their daily activities as normal whilst wearing the monitor over a 24 hour period or up to 5 days depending upon the requirement.

After the monitor is returned the results will be analysed and sent to your doctor within 24 hours.

Available at the following locations:

  • Cork
  • Dublin

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