Bon Secours Cork donates €10,000 to Irish Hospice Foundation “Nurses for Night Care Service”.

By: LH | Posted on: 02 Aug 2022

Bon Secours Cork donates €10,000 to Irish Hospice Foundation “Nurses for Night Care Service”.

Nurses for Night Care is a service provided by the Irish Hospice Foundation that enables people with diseases like dementia, motor neurone disease, advanced respiratory disease, heart failure and end stage kidney disease to receive expert nursing care at night in their own homes in their final days. It also provides reassurance and respite for families caring for someone at home.

IHF makes end-of-life care inclusive for any person living with a life-limiting condition. As demand for this service grows every year, it is vital that the IHF continue to provide end-of-life care in every county of Ireland, every night of the year. Mr. Harry Canning, CEO, Bon Secours Hospital Cork, recently presented a cheque for €10,000 from the Community Initiative Fund to Ms Mireya Gines from the Irish Hospice Foundation. This generous donation will provide 30 nights of Nursing Care for terminally ill patients in the Cork area.



Pictured, Mr. Harry Canning, CEO, Ms Mireya Gines, IFH and Dwayne Gavin, Head of Mission.  

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