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Bon Secours Health System Community Funding:

Bon Secours Health System, through its five Hospitals and Care Village, is a significant supporter of charitable causes nationally. We invest annually, through our Community Initiative Programme, in worthwhile projects that can add value to the lives of the most vulnerable in society, and that can bring about a social good.

As a Healthcare organisation with a Catholic Ethos, the projects we support are reflective of our Ethos, Mission, Vision and Values.

While our care within the Bon Secours Health System is summed up by our brand line ‘advanced medicine, exceptional care’, our ‘care’ goes beyond the walls of our hospitals through our Community Initiative Funding. The Projects we support are a key way in which we translate our Ethos, Mission and Values into action for the wider local communities that we serve.

Annually we offer support to charities and projects which benefit some of the most vulnerable groups in society e.g. Homeless, Disability sector etc. Our hope is that, though our Community Initiative Funding, we might act as a catalyst in tackling social issues by supporting local charities in the excellent work that they are doing in the Community.
We can assist them financially or with expertise, often in collaboration and partnership with other likeminded organisations. We aim to support the most vulnerable, by supporting the excellent work being done by the charities who work with them on a daily basis.

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