Opening of new Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Bon Secours Hospital, Cork

By: Lh | Posted on: 28 Jun 2021

Opening of new Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Bon Secours Hospital, Cork

The Bon Secours Hospital Cork is proud to open a dedicated Paediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, the first of its kind in the Munster region and the first private unit in the country.

This state of the art unit consists of one dedicated bed with continuous nurse supervision and video EEG recording, located in the Children’s Ward.

Patients admitted to this unit will benefit from timely diagnosis and management of Epilepsy; all done in a safe environment and supervised by highly trained Paediatric nurses and Neurophysiologists.

The launch of this unit was possible thanks to the joint effort of our Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Dr. Niamh Lynch and the Neurophysiology Department, led by Dr. Peter Kinirons.

Direct referrals by Paediatricians are accepted and a referral letter with patient details (including a contact number) and reason for referral should be addressed to Ms. Claudia Leite, Senior Neurophysiologist, Neurophysiology Department, Bon Secours Hospital, College Road, Cork (Email:

GPs are welcome to refer patients to Dr. Niamh Lynch, Consultant Paediatrician, Suite 25, Clinic B, The Cork Clinic, Western Road, Cork for review prior to admission.


  • Dr. Peter Kinirons – Consultant Neurologist/Clinical Neurophysiologist
  • Dr. Niamh Lynch – Consultant Paediatric Neurologist
  • Antonia Walsh – CNMII Children’s Ward
  • Claudia Leite – Senior Neurophysiologist
  • James Fisher - Physiologist

Bon Secours Hospital Cork is Ireland’s largest private hospital, and it is also one of the largest private hospitals in Europe. 


Please direct any queries to:  Claudia Leite, Senior Neurophysiologist, Bon Secours Hospital Cork.  

Tel: 021 - 480 1600 Email:

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