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Have you sustained a sports or athletic injury? Our Bon Secours Sports Clinics in Cork & Galway can help you see the right person and get the right treatment at the right time.

What injuries do we treat in Cork / Galway?

This is a sports triage service. Triage means rapid assessment and direction to the best  treatment options  as soon as possible. Your injury will be assessed by our  Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist who specialises in sports injuries. Once your need is assessed you will either:

  • Return  to your own physiotherapist or doctor with advice
  • Receive the opinion of a Bon Secours Sports & Orthopaedic Consultant
  • Continue your  physiotherapy treatment in our  Bon Secours hospital

So no more long waiting  to get your treatment plan in place.

How to access our Sports Clinic in Cork / Galway

What treatment will I get on the day in Cork / Galway?

  • Initial assessment, diagnosis and treatment by the triage Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist
  • There will be a Consultant available for their opinion each triage clinic day.

What happens after initial triage?

You will be given a diagnosis and a treatment plan by our  Clinical Specialist  Physiotherapist. This may involve going  for further tests, seeing a Consultant  and ultimately surgery. Or it may involve conservative treatment, i.e.  physiotherapy rehabilitation.

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