Our Team

Management Team

  • Ms Catherine (Kay) O' Mahony (Person in Charge / Director of Nursing)
  • Fr. Dwayne Gavin (Mission/Pastoral Care)
  • Ms Helen Morley (Head of Human Resources)
  • Karyn Bourke

Our Multi Disciplinary Team also include the following

  • Mission & Pastoral Care Team
  • Ms. Anu Chacko, Ms Grace Esteron, Ms Mary Mannix, Ms Eavan O' Brien, Bilja Babu, Jerline mathew, Anu James (Clinical Nurse Managers)
  • Ms Helen Morley (Head of Human Resources)
  • Louise Lynskey (Catering Manager)
  • Padraig Donegan (Head of Maintenance)
  • Ms. Katelyn Lewsley (Housekeeping Supervisor)
  • Activities Co-Ordinators
  • Administration/Accounts Department
  • Staff Nurses
  • Health Care Assistants
  • Maintenance Department
  • Security Department
  • Housekeeping Department
  • Catering Department

The team is led by the Person in Charge / Director of Nursing and there exists a defined compliment of staff throughout the Bon Secours Care Village. 

The nursing care is provided 24 hours a day and is supported by the management team. It is also supported by well experienced and highly qualified Staff Nurses and Health Care Assistants. Undergraduate nurses from UCC are facilitated to gain experience of nursing care of the older person through their community placement. We also facilitate students on work experience from Pre-Nursing Courses & QQI level 5 Health Care Assistant courses.

Support Staff

There is a full range of support & ancillary staff employed to support the care of our residents & maintain their safety. Our hospital is staffed around the clock by highly skilled, personnel working together to provide the best of treatment and care available.

The number and skill mix of staff on duty is determined and provided according to the needs of the residents.

Staff are selected for their qualities of professionalism, skills and experience, reliability and caring/ friendly attitude. They are carefully screened and references are always checked and Garda Clearance obtained.


Staff must adhere to their professional code of conduct and that of the hospital. Any complaints relating to staff will be investigated immediately, through our complaints procedure.New employees complete an induction process to ensure they are fully compliant with company policies and procedures and are aware of our expectations of them as an employee.We believe in supporting staff through having a team approach, where we can monitor and guide staff on a day to day basis. All employees undergo a yearly appraisal and from which an individual training plan is developed to encompass their needs and the requirements of the service.

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