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Medical Assessment Unit Dublin

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Suzanne Donlon - CNM 086 2098380 (01) 8065498 (01) 8065405 Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm (Admission hours)

The Medical Assessment Unit in the Bon Secours Hospital Dublin provides medical patients with prompt and timely access to expert consultant opinion, assessment, and if needs be, admission to consultant specialist care following referral from their GP.

The advantages for the patient are that they are seen quickly and any urgent and necessary tests are performed on the day.  Patients will be discharged on the same day with a treatment plan or alternatively they may be admitted to the hospital for further investigation and treatment.

Department Information

Prompt and timely acces to expert consultant opinion for Medical Patients.

The Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) is suitable for stable medically unwell patients requiring immediate assessment, investigation and treatment for a broad spectrum of medical conditions. Patients requiring emergency care can only be referred by their GP to the unit and no walk-in patients will be accepted.

The following is a list of the suitable and unsuitable patients for admission to the Medical Assessment Unit.

Suitable Patients

Unsuitable Patients

  • Patients requiring resuscitation, who are clinically or physiologically unstable or considered at high risk for sudden life threatening deterioration
  • Patients with chest pain or suspicion of STEMI
  • Patients requiring urgent PCI
  • Acute behavioural problems
  • Acute decrease in level of consciousness
  • Acute requirement for haemodialysis
  • Psychiatric issues
  • Surgical conditions


The Department is led by Dr. Geraldine Hosny, Internal Medical Consultant who is supported by a team of nurses, consultants from other specialities and registrars.


Admission to the Medical Assessment is by GP or other consultant referral only.

The GP contacts the MAU with their patient details and the consultant will indicate whether the patients’ condition is suitable for admission to the Medical Assessment unit.  The patient will be contacted by one of the MAU team who confirms an admission time with the patient and reconfirms the details with the GP.  

On arrival to the hospital at the specified time, the patient is admitted immediately to the dedicated unit and has an initial consult with the Internal Medical Consultant who will arrange the appropriate investigations and treatment.

The aim is to complete all tests and investigations on the same day and depending on the outcome, the patient may be admitted or discharged back to the care of their GP.  

Staff & Consultant Team

  • Geraldine Hosny

    Dr Geraldine Hosny

    Bon Secours Hospital - Dublin

    General Internal Medicine Specialist



If you are a GP and wish to admit a patient to the Medical Assessment Unit, please contact the admission team on 01 806 5498 or 086 2098380. You will be required to fax a completed referral form or referral letter to include the patient’s biographical details, medical history and current medication to 01 8065405.

Admission will be scheduled for later that day or the following day. The admission team will contact the GP and the patient with an admission day and time.

Opening Hours

Admission times to the Medical Assessment Unit are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Contact Information

  • Tel: (01) 8065498 or 086 2098380
  • Fax: (01) 8065405


The initial attendance fee is €150 (non refundable) up to a maximum fee of €495.  Patients will be charged according to the diagnostic test carried out which may include laboratory investigations, diagnostic imaging or non invasive cardiology investigations as prescribed by the consultant. 

If a patient is admitted to the hospital, they will be refunded any amount they have paid over the attendance fee of €150.



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